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The Art of the Sunroom: Meet Liane Armstrong

House of Slim sits down with artist Liane Armstrong, as they discuss the creative inspiration behind the collection, what her fondest memory of her own grandmother is and what soundtrack resonates with 'Grandma's Sunroom' to her.

Liane, we’re so excited to work with you again. For those that don’t know you - please introduce yourself.

"Thank you so much for inviting me to create for your new collection! I’m currently based in Bristol in the UK where I’ve been working as a freelance creative for a year or two now."


When we conceptualised ‘Grandma’s Sunroom’ we really felt this aligned with your way of visual storytelling. Tell us about your process behind working on this collection and how it made you feel when creating and translating words and inspiration, to the artwork we see today. 


"Plants and natural shapes were the main source of inspiration for our last project together, so when it came to this collection it felt right to have that as a connecting theme. To me the Monstera plant felt like an obvious 70s bold shape that would work perfectly for this collaboration, after trying out different plant silhouettes it was the one I settled on for the main artworks. I feel the final pieces instantly transport you back to another era."

Grandma’s Sunroom is really about pops of colour and nostalgia, and what a perfect time to design this collection than in dreamy spring. What do love most about that time of year? 

"I think being in the UK it has to be the sunnier and longer days, the overcast and wet winter season can sometimes feel very long here. When the flowers start showing it’s so exciting to know the whole summer is yet to come."

When working together, we fell in love with so many of your artworks - we realised we needed to release an additional Wallpaper collection. What is your personal favourite artwork from either collection and why? 

"My favourite piece is the simpler ‘one leaf’; with the juxtaposition of colours and shapes it was my favourite to paint, and I’d love to see it as a huge print on someone’s wall."


What is your fondest memory of a grandmother/mother figure? 

"I’m very close with my Granny, she has been a huge influence in my life. She worked as a librarian and was very into the arts, without her I probably wouldn’t have had as many gallery, museum and theatre trips as I did growing up. Some of the best memories with my Granny are in her back garden, eating big family meals and playing games."

If you could translate ‘Grandma’s Sunroom’ art collection into a song, what would the track be?

"My Sweet Lord - George Harrison"

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