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Meet the Artist: Liane Armstrong

House of Slim sits down with artist Liane Armstrong, as they discuss her creative process behind an artwork, what 'home' means to her and where we will find her this summer.

Liane, please introduce yourself.

"I'm originally from Oxfordshire in the UK. I've recently spent time in London, Stockholm, Oxfordshire again and now I'm settled with my partner in Bristol. My time in London and Sweden was spent working in the fashion industry, but my roles became less creative than I wanted them to be, so I went freelance and started creating my own work."


Describe your creative process behind curating an artwork, from concept to final presentation.

"If I'm working with a brand I'll start with their moodboard or ideas we've discussed for the project, for my own work I'll usually be inspired by something I've seen and taken a photo of, colour combinations, nature, fashion, other artworks. I love looking back through my old photos from my travels and feeling inspired by the colours from a particular country. From there I'll lay out whatever materials I'm using and keep trying ideas until something works! Sometimes the first piece I make can end up being the final piece, sometimes I can sit for a while trying out different techniques."

Tell us about your passions in life.

"My relationships in life are what's most important to me - people. My dog, being healthy, spirituality, nature, creativity, politics, travel, learning- just soaking in as much as I can whilst I'm here!"

Who is your favourite artist or artwork and why?

"I have many, I currently love the work of Hiroshi Yoshida, particularly the prints he made whilst travelling through India. A couple of other artists I love are Pegge Hopper and Toshiko Takaezu."

‘Home’ means to you:

"Being with my family and my dog, Twiglet. Being myself."

How and when did you start painting?

"I painted when I was little and then on and off through the years. It wasn't until a few years ago when working in London that I got back into it. I think not using my hands in my office job made me crave it and need it again."

Where will we find you this summer?

"Not too far from home I don't think, spending time with family and friends, in my garden, at the beach or at the river."

Your favourite quote and why:

"I love a quote I heard recently; 'Your ancestors outnumber your fears. Feel your power' - Jaiya John. Sometimes it's good to have that extra push."



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