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In store at Affordable Decorators

Now available exclusively in the Queensland Showroom.



House of Slim is excited to announce bespoke interiors showroom, Affordable Decorators as our Queensland Retailer - residing on the Gold Coast.

Led by Director, Michele Chippindale - mother of Creative Director, Holly Chippindale - curating a space and interiors are a connection and legacy that has been passed down 3 generations. Holly and Michele talked mother-to-daughter about the inspiration behind the showroom residence and what’s to come, in an exclusive interview for House of Slim x Affordable Decorators.




M: “Now I know how you came up with House of Slim, but tell our customers the journey that led you here.”

H: “Well, I truly put it down to a multitude of factors that led us to House of Slim, but I think the main push was during Covid-19 - our home island of Bali had basically shut down due to lack of tourism. We were coming up to our next long-term lease and realised we wanted to do our first Renovation project and stumbled upon the perfect home that needed a lot of love. Through this, myself and my partner (Business and Personal) embarked on a 4 month home renovation where we sourced and designed every product ourselves from all around Indonesia. It was through this process that my creative brain started running on high speed, and I realised we had the key skill sets to not only pull off production, but also with my experience in marketing and e-commerce, we had the foundations to really set ourselves apart from the current furniture brands on the market. Fast forward 7 months and House of Slim launched with our first collection, Chapter I in May 2021. We resigned from our jobs, and began our journey with so many ideas and concepts planned well into 2022 and beyond.”



H: “Interiors has been apart of our story for generations, starting with Nan and Pop in the 80s - and you for the last 30 years. Watching you transform and scale the showroom in say the last 2 years specifically has been so inspiring - how did you approach the House of Slim project?”

M: “I love what I do, seeing spaces transform and being able to be creative every hour of the day is a blessing. House of Slim was an incredibly unique showroom to envision, and to slowly piece each intricate detail together. The statement pieces are so visual on their own, so I wanted to match with minimalistic elegance and art-based detailing. Working with you to place the retro-inspired wallpaper decal, as well as mixing in the incredible works of Jai Vasicek really made the residence feel homely and curated - which is what we both wanted moving into this direction.”



M: “You’ve already received some incredible press, what else can we expect to see?”

H: “We have been so grateful to the people and brands who are already showing so much belief in us and our line. The likes of Stylist and Photographer couple Lisa and Jamie Smith, PE Nation Director, Pip Edwards, Forbes 30 under 30 Entrepreneur Gretta Rose van Riel and Steele Director, Jessica Reid are among some lovely House of Slim clients already. At this stage, we are really focussing on expansion for 2022 including International availability and welcoming more signature elements into the House of Slim offering.”



H: “Now I know you have some big exciting plans for next year, are you able to give a slight hint as to what’s to come?”

M: “I can’t say too much, but we are very excited about some big changes coming in for 2022 for the Affordable Decorators showroom. We’ve been in business for over 3 decades, and will always stay true to our roots - but we feel it’s time for a makeover.”



We welcome you to make a 1-1 consultation at Affordable Decorators to view and shop House of Slim’s first product line, Chapter I, as our exclusive QLD showroom.

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